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People are always interested in the behind-the-scenes scoop on things. Here articles are presented to give an idea of what goes into the different Cubes projects. Some articles talk about the inspiration for Cubes, others cover the more technical nature of strip creation. Learn more about the inner workings of the Cubes.

The History of Cubes
Last Updated January 9, 2013
Find out how and when all things Cubes came to be. Going back to the early Hot Dog days, this history continues on into present times. This article is updated as new milestones in Cubes history are reached.

The End? Not Likely
April, 2012
Step behind the scenes on the most controversial Cubes semimonthly story circa year 7!

Postmortem: Quack V: Omelette of Doom
January, 2007
Take an insider's look into the making of Quack V. What went right, what went wrong, and where Cubes gaming will go from here.

The Making of Hot Dog, Canine Defender of the Innocent
November, 2003
Learn the steps that went into producing the weekly Hot Dog comic strip. From when the comic is first pencilled, through the inking and lettering phases, and to the final printing, this article describes how it was all done.

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