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All of the comics of the Cubes world are archived here. Whether you missed a recent strip of the Cubes or want to enjoy the adventures of Hot Dog, Canine Defender of the Innocent all over again, this is the place for you!

Semimonthly Strip
Released 2005 - 2017
Follow the adventures of the staff of SeaLeft Software. Office life will never seem quite the same again.

Cubes - The Lost Comics
Created 2006
Released 2014 - 2015
The lost adventures of the staff of SeaLeft Software from their very first year when they came this close to getting their own computer game.

Cubes - The Mystery of Honey Klim
Issue #1
Released September 17, 2008
Wrapping up the story told throughout Year 3 of the regular Cubes Semimonthly Strip. Find out the dread secret behind Honey Klim's inclusion in the ranks of SeaLeft Software.

Cubes - Road Trip
Issue #2
Released September 23, 2009
The members of SeaLeft Software are off for a vacation in Los Mula. Will Max and Stan find a fortune in the casino? Will Frank and Hope find adventure in the nearby ruins? Will Veronica and Christie have any money left after visiting the Second Largest Outlet Mall in the world? And why is Karen too busy to come along? This story takes place shortly after the end of Year 4 of the regular Cubes Semimonthly Strip.

Cubes - The Road Not Taken
Issue #3
Released September 15, 2010
Following immediately on from the end of Year 5 of the regular Cubes Semimonthly Strip, Veronica has just been confronted by a mysterious stranger garbed in pirate clothing. He has an offer and he won't take no for an answer. The staff of SeaLeft look on as Veronica battles with her job burn out to decide which path to take.

Cubes - Cabin Fever
Issue #4
Released August 31, 2011
With the return of Veronica near the end of Year 6 of the regular Cubes Semimonthly Strip, the Cubes gang goes out for a long weekend at Ralph's lakeside cabin. Max digs into his writing. Stan digs into his photography (after an unscheduled detour). And what exactly are Karen and Gareth digging?

Cubes - The Wedding of Karen and Gareth
Issue #5
Released September 26, 2012
Karen and Gareth finally tie the knot. With all their friends looking on, it's a celebration of life, love, and happiness, bursting at the seams. And there's cake!

Cubes - Farewell, My Muse
Issue #6
Released September 25, 2013
Christie and Max at odds. Austerity measures running rampant in the offices. And someone brandishing about the "F" word ("fire", not whatever you were thinking). One will be gone from SeaLeft Software...forever.

Cubes - The Fall
Issue #7
Released September 28, 2016
While Max finishes his promotional tour for their new game, the rest of the Cubes contemplate financial woes. And duke it out over some classic gaming.

Cubes - Loves Labour
Issue #8
Released September 27, 2017
F. L. Ine returns with an offer for the Cubes' latest business but will Ralph sell right after creating a super secret HQ for his super hero employees (Hot Dog and Arachnocat, of course). And what's going on between Max, Christie, and Connie?

The Other Corner
Released 2014 - 2015
Ever wonder what would happen if each Cubes character had their own comic series? Explore the grab bag that is The Other Corner.

Hot Dog, Canine Defender of the Innocent - A Hero is Born
Weekly Strip
Released 2003 - 2004
Can the new hero of Gray Lassie put an end to the condiment company sabotage? Learn the answer in this, the origin of Hot Dog, Canine Defender of the Innocent.

Hot Dog, Canine Defender of the Innocent
Issue #1
Released 2003
The comic that started it all! Follow along with Hot Dog as he meets his literate snitch and his most untouchable enemy for the first time.

Hot Dog, Canine Defender of the Innocent - That's the Way the Omelette Splatters
Issue #2
Released 2006
When a rash of ovacides sweeps the city of Gray Lassie, it can mean only one thing: Hot Dog, Canine Defender of the Innocent is needed once more!

Hot Dog, Canine Defender of the Innocent - Melting Hearts
Issue #3
Released February 13, 2008
Hot Dog. Frank Retruf. Mindy Minx. Three points on a triangle.

Hot Dog, Canine Defender of the Innocent - Pop Goes the Evil
Issue #4
Released February 10, 2016
Following a brush with death, Hope Calers—of Cubes semimonthly fame—turns to science to cure her thanatophobia, but when an unscrupulous professor alters the treatment, a new villain wreaks havoc in Hot Dog's city. Enter Arachnocat.

Hot Dog, Canine Defender of the Innocent - Behemoth
Issue #5
Released May 24, 2016
When a passing asteroid awakens a long dormant terror from the deep it's too much trouble for Hot Dog to handle alone. But can even the combined forces of Hot Dog, Mister Mustard, Arachnocat, and Captain Roar stop… the behemoth? It's a hero-palooza in the longest Hot Dog comic yet!

Hot Dog and the Cubes - The End
Issue #1
Released September 24, 2014
Sly Filcher has brought SeaLeft Software to ruin. As the Cubes contemplate their fates, can Hot Dog defend their futures?

Koala Smith and the Apple of Elppa
Issue #1
Released January 9, 2008
Sid Davidson plays the title role in the pilot of the new TV adventure series Koala Smith.

Koala Smith and the Village of Veils
Issue #2
Released September 30, 2015
Koala Smith (Sid Davidson) and Doc (Gareth Flect) are back in their biggest (and second, um, est) adventure yet. Can the adventurers escape a tribe of pygmy ants? Featuring special guest star Honey Klim.

UoGL: Alumni
Released 2015
The further adventures of Christie Holt and her fellow graduates from the University of Gray Lassie.

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