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Hot Dog, Canine Defender of the Innocent - Issue 5


Way, way back, back before the Cubes semimonthly comic strip even existed, back when the only material out was the first issue of Hot Dog and the follow up Hot Dog weekly comic strip, I was already thinking and doodling about other Hot Dog adventures. One such doodle was of a super hero lion: Captain Roar.

Hot Dog has always been a hero a little out of his depth, who, after various setbacks still manages to save the day. With Captain Roar I wanted to have a typical "paragon" hero. A hero who was always in command and knew what to do. I thought Hot Dog would feel intimidated by such a hero, which could lead to a rivalry of sorts between them. And how would Captain Roar feel and react if he was suddenly in a position where Hot Dog had to save him?

Fast forward over a decade and that germ of an idea has now sprouted into the fifth full Hot Dog comic. Along the way the idea's had many off shoots and this issue contains not one, not two, but four super heroes. Joining Hot Dog and Captain Roar are the good Mister Mustard – as aopposed to the evil one – from the Hot Dog weekly comic strip and Arachnocat the (now reformed) villainess from last year's Hot Dog Issue 4: Pop Goes the Evil.

Throw in a threat that requires four heroes to face it, a handful of cameos from past comics, and the highest page count of any Hot Dog issue to date and this comic couldn't be called anything but: Behemoth.

-Richard Hoover (May 2017)
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