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Cubes first started in 2003 with the first comic book Hot Dog Issue 1: Hot Dog, Canine Defender of the Innocent, a comic super hero story. Since that time, the Cubes "storyverse" has expanded to include the workplace, student hijinks, the adventures of a pair of daring archeologists, and so on. Cubes material has been presented as full comics, comic strips, comic pages, computer games, and postcards. With so much varied material, it can be hard to know where to start.

Enter the Timeline!

This interactive timeline is your key to the chronology of the Cubes storyverse. Here you can read through every comic ever created for the Cubes. Comics are presented in chronological order for when they take place in the Cubes world as opposed to their publication order. Reading through from beginning to end will let you see the full Cubes arc over the years. Follow the evolution of the Cubes from their earliest adventures to their latest!

BC versus AC
The staple of the Cubes website has been the Cubes semimonthly comic strip itself. This is the main comic strip, which releases on the first and third Wednesday of every month. This timeline is broken down by year relative to the year the Cubes semimonthly comic strip released. So the first year that the semimonthly comic ran for is Year 1 AC (After Cubes semimonthly), the second year is Year 2 AC, etc. Events that occurred prior to the start of the semimonthly comic strip occur in Year 1 BC (Before Cubes semimonthly).

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