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Cubes goes interactive! This is your chance to enter the world of the Cubes and experience it first hand. Look for more computer games coming in the future.

Point-n-click Adventure Game Series
Pureluck Homes and Jane Ampson are the sleuthhounds, two detectives out to solve puzzling condundrums and bring nefarious criminals to justice. Guide them in this on-going series of point-n-click adventure games that exercise your mind not your reflexes.

Koala Smith and the Corridor of Consternation
Dash-and-Grab Action Game
V1.0 Released 2011
If hazardous undertakings have a name, it must be Koala Smith. Join Koala and Doc as they investigate the ancient tomb of Qyckbuhd. Guide Koala to the treasures of the tomb and avoid its many deadly traps.

Quack V
First Person Splatter Game
V1.2 Released 2014
V1.1 Released 2011
V1.0 Released 2006
Detective Bogun of the Gray Lassie Police Department needs your help! The Scrambler and his vile gang of MacChicken clan members have invaded the city and are destroying eggs at an alarming rate. It's up to you to stop their nefarious plot.

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